Aerial Picture of Madang Resort

Aerial Picture of Madang Resort

Kalibobo Village, Lagoon Rooms

Kalibobo Village, Lagoon Rooms

White Haus Twin Room

White Haus Twin Room

New White Haus Wing, opened by HE Bruce Davis, Australian High Commisioner to PNG on 28 October 2017

New White Haus Wing, opened by HE Bruce Davis, Australian High Commisioner to PNG on 28 October 2017

WHite Haus Wing, Madang Resort

WHite Haus Wing, Madang Resort

B25 Bomber, Wangat Island, Madang

B25 Bomber, Wangat Island, Madang

Dallman Diver & Kalibobo Spirit providing services to the US Project Recover Project in Madang in Feb/Mar

Dallman Diver & Kalibobo Spirit providing services to the US Project Recover Project in Madang in Feb/Mar



Jordan Barter with Mackeral caught in Project Recover (Fringe Benefits)

Jordan Barter with Mackeral caught in Project Recover (Fringe Benefits)

Madang Resort from Drone

Madang Resort from Drone

Kalibobo Spirit Crew at Kanganaman Village

Kalibobo Spirit Crew at Kanganaman Village

Crocodile Sing Sing at Kopar Village

Crocodile Sing Sing at Kopar Village

Madang Resort Gardens and Pool

Madang Resort Gardens and Pool



Amele Sing Sing, Madang

Amele Sing Sing, Madang

Monday 7th May 2018

Greetings from beautiful Madang!

The very wet season is almost over, we are now in transition through the doldrums until the dry season begins with the trade winds from the SE.   We have recorded up to 200mm rain in one day over the past month which is the highest on record in Madang, fortunately, most of the rain falls at night along with electrical storms.  The dry season should continue up until October but during the dry season we normally get enough rain to keep the lawns and gardens green.  Great time for diving in and around Madang with crystal clear waters.


Last night we held a cocktail party and invited local residents on how about becoming a PADI certified diver and enjoying what is described as the most exciting dive destination right at our front door. More than 50 attended the function during which time they met Taka, Nathan and staff of NDA and MTS who presented recent videos and pictures of the reef and sea life in Madang, including two Killer Whale thatTAKA.pngNathan.pngof the front of the Resort in Dallman Passage earlier this year.  The presentation was also attended by 10 Japanese Divers currently diving in Madang with NDA.

We are serious about exploiting the potential of diving in Madang and PNG.  NDA have some of the best infrastructure including a fully equipped PADI Dive Facility in the grounds of the Madang Resort, three dedicated dive vessels plus the Kalibobo Spirit, our 30m luxury motor yacht which is fully equipped to handle up to 12 divers on offshore islands including Milne Bay and Islands in the Bismarck Sea.    We have two full time PADI Dive instructors plus a staff of dive masters that are very experienced.

If you would like to learn more about diving you can down load with the undermentioned links.

PNG underwater Treasures 

Madang Dive Planet Rock

link to Madang Resort:

Link to Madang First Dive: http://

PNG underwater Treasures


The first APEC Meeting will be held at the Madang Resort & Kalibobo Village  between Jun 8-11, 2018 and the Resort is geared up ready for this important event that will host the APEC Finance Meeting.   The Sana Convention Center, Apec_2018_logo.pngthe Board Rom and Maclay Room at the Madang resort have all been refurbished, repainted, re-carpeted and a new system of wireless  conference microphones installed to provide for translations into various languages – it is the most modern system available in the world and we are confident that it will attract more international conferences to Madang.

Other APEC meetings are expected to follow later in the year leading up to the APEC meeting in Port Moresby which will attract leaders from around the world including USA, Japan, Russia, China, Korea, Australia, New Zealand  and other member countries that belong to APEC.

The PNG Government has spent billions on infrastructure in Port Moresby including the construction of APEC Haus, new freeways, hotels, upgrade of airports in an effort to impress world leaders of the enormous potential PNG has to offer.  Regretfully, this expense has resulted in some essential services not being delivered to the rest of the country in the provinces.


Both the Cairns Sheridan and Tropical Heritage are also undergoing upgrades.   The Sheridan has undergone landscaping and the upgrading of bathrooms, Tropical Heritage is currently being repainted and has had king size split beds installed to replace the queen beds.

The occupancies of both hotels have been excellent and we expect very high occupancies in the peak season which begin now and run until December.

We are encouraging all prospective guests to book direct on the hotel websites to get the best deal on accommodation rather than using the parasite mega websites who indirectly increase the rate of accommodation because of their excessive commissions demanded which in turn increase the rack rate!


We have several Sepik Cruises operating in September 18-25, we have limited pace available on this cruise.  We also have space available on November 17-24 from Madang to Alotau, via the Trobriand Islands and in the reverse direction on Dec 22-29 both expeditionary cruises will be suitable for divers and non divers.  The cruises are limited just 12 persons, book now to avoid disappointment.

Other dates are available to charter the Kalibobo Spirit anywhere in PNG waters.  For full details of cruises download the following links.

Link to Sepik Link to Sepik Book: 

River Video: 



We note with disappointing that Madang has been excluded from their proposed cruises to PNG in 2019 despite the fact that Madang was a highlight for the few cruises that visited Madang in 2016 & 2017.  We believe is is a result of the additional cruising on a dogs leg into the Bismarck Sea as opposed to the direct Alotau/Rabaul via Milne Bay Islands. 

This again is the type of decisions made by multi national foreign cruise lines that give high expectations  and then pull the plug and destroy destinations and the lives of people who can benefit.  In the case of P&O these ships leave very little behind to help the people, the passengers are largely not interested in the people, the culture, they purchase every little not even food, fuel and their cruise are foreign so really one has to question the wisdom of allowing such cruise ships to exploit PNG.

Conversely, local cruise ships and foreign expeditionary ships are more beneficial than the large mega ships, they spend more time in PNG, the cultures, art, customs are all apart of the purpose for the visit and they attract a more affluent type of passenger that spend a lot more and are likely to return to PNG to learn more about PNG.

If you really want to see and learn more about PNG the Kalibobo Spirit it the way to go, let us prove it to you?


The leatherback turtles and an endangered species along withother  turtles but oWenceslaus_Magun.pngne man in PNG hasmade it is life time ambition to protect the leatTurtle_Island.pngherback turtle from distinction.  This person in Wenceslaus Magun who comes from Bagabag Island who has become a self taught expert and has written a book “Lessons learned in community managed marine area in Karkum, Madang, Papua New Guinea”  He will use this book to continue his work in making people aware of the important of protecting the turtles and of course the environment in which they live..

The Melanesian Foundation has agreed to fund the printing of 10,000 copies of the 72 page book written by Wenceslaus and we are hoping to have it launched by the Prime Minister in June during the APEC meeting in Madang.


Our Newsletter Number 9 has just been published and is available on the undermentioned link which can be downloaded to read on pdf format.

Newsletter_8.pngThis issue contains the story of Nicholay Miklouho Maclay, the Russian Explorer who was the first to settle and undertake research on the Rai Coast of Madang province.   The Sepik cruises undertaken aboard the Coral Expeditions II, The recently translated books written off the logs of the first German Explorer’s up the Sepik River and other news about our activities for the remainder of 2018.

You can down load the pdf version from this website


Peter Bellingham was commissioned to produce a video on the Madang Resort and Kalibobo Village which can be viewed in Vimeo or U Tube.    Peter has also been commissioned to produce videos on the Cairns Sherican Hotel and the Tropical Heritage Hotel which should be available towads the en dof this month.   These videos will help potential visitrs to PNG and Cairns of what type of facilities we provide along with the attractions available in Madang & Cairns. Download the following or U Tube http;//bit/madresort


The Madang Festival has been postponed until September due to the APEC Conference nin Madang over the same dates.  Will advise new dates shortly


Sir Peter Barter 



MTS PNG Welcomes Visitors Aboard the Pacific Aria

Download the Visitors Information Booklet [PDF, 1.5MB]

Expeditions - Kalibobo Spirit


The luxurious "Kalibobo Spirit" motor yacht is available for charter in the coastal waters and rivers of Papua New Guinea.

This vessel provides the ultimate way of visiting some of the most remote regions of the the Sepik River and Papua New Guinea all in the comfort of this luxurious vessel.

Download the pdf of the Sepik River Charters 2018-screen_shot_2017_12_15_at_11_41_22_am_yPP_1.ico

T: +675 4222655  T: +675 422 2766,   F: +675 4223543,   E: 






Madang Resort


Madang Resort Aerial View

The Madang Resort (formerly Hotel Madang) remains PNG's most popular tourist resort and conference centre offering 180 guest suites with facilities that include PADI dive shop, Gift Shop, Art Gallery, Hair Salon, Business Centre, Tour Office, 3 restaurants, 4 pools, Gymnasium, 2 lagoons, a marina, PADI Dive Facility, Game Fishing and much more.

The Resort offers free use of Kayaks. sailing boats, bikes, tennis and Golf equipment and is now offering complimentary breakfasts in the Janek Aben Restaurant - enquire now for conditions.

The new Kalibobo Haus Kibung and new Haus Win Restaurant was officially opened on 10th June 2013, both are fully operational and have proved to be very popular.

Located along the shore of the Madang Harbour & Yamilon Lagoon in 15 acres of landscaped gardens.

T: +675 422 2655 T: +675 422 2766 F: +675 422 3325  E:  



Kalibobo Village Resort - Madang


Kalibobo Village Suit

Kalibobo Village was completed in 2007 and provides 60 deluxe rooms and villas, plus 10 cottages set along the Dallman Passage and entrance to the beautiful Madang Harbour overlooking Krankget Island.  Facilities include a swimming pool, lagoon, tennis court as well as facilities provided at the adjacent Madang Resort.

NEW! Apartments for Short & Long Term Rental
Read more... [PDF 952KB]

T: +675 422 2655 T: +675 422 2766  F: +675 422 3325  



Niugini Dive Adventures


Scuba diving at Madang Marine Park

Niugini Diving Adventures, (NDA) is based at the Madang Resort and Kalibobo Village but in addition provides dive instruction and excursions aboard the Kalibobo Spirit.  It is a PADI dive facility.  In addition to scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing trips are available. 

Diver & Non-Diver Packages, Bookings & information


Dive, Snorkel, Cruise & Tour

For bookings, email

Niugini Dive Adventures operates the Aqua Venture and Sau Dazas. Game fishing boats that can provide light and big game fishing in waters of the Bismarck Sea.

T: +675 422 2766 F: +675 422 3543  E:

Highland Tours


Sing Sing, Wahgi Valley

MTS provide a complete touring service throughout the Highlands and Papua New Guinea.   Bookings can be made to visit Western, Southern and Eastern Highlands, Simbu & Enga plus the islands provinces of East and West New Britain, New Ireland, Bougainville and Milne Bay.

More information...






The Heritage Cairns has just been announced by Trip Advisor as the Travellers Choice for 2012.   This prestigous award is attributable to the committment by MTS to provide a true PNG hospitality,.   The Tropical Heritage Hotel has one certificates of excellence from Trip Advisor for 2012, 2013 & 2014 and is rated as #7 in 68 hotels in Cairns.   It does not profess to be a 5 star hotel, it is rated as 3.5 stars and is considered to be the best, most affordable hotel in the CBD of Cairns City.

Rosemary has retired and touring Australia in a Caravan, James Munro has taken over as Manager assisted by Cynthia Bubner and the fantasic staff.  They all look forward to welcoming you in 2015

In addition to the 2012 Travellers Choice Award, Trip Advisor have presented the Certificate of Excellence to Cairns Heritage for 2012, 2013, 2014 and just announced Winner of the Excellence Award for 2015 by Trip Advisor - Congratulations!.

T: 07 4051 1211  F: 07 4051 1380

8 Minnie Street, Cairns, Queensland, 4870

Full costs available on Web, plus special offers

Lukim yu Bihain!

Cairns Sheridan

Cairns Sheridan Hotel & Conference Centre is also known as Cairns Airport Hotel is situated only 2-3km from Cairns Central shopping centre and Cairns Airport. From the hotel it’s a short walk to the Botanical Gardens, Whitfield Range bush tracks and the Cairns Esplanade. The Palms Restaurant provides excellent cruisine and a friendly environment.

More information



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