Pacific Aria departing in front of Madang Resort

Pacific Aria departing in front of Madang Resort

Kalibobo Spirit & Qing at Madang Resort Marina

Kalibobo Spirit & Qing at Madang Resort Marina

Wonong Ab Wing, Madang Resort

Wonong Ab Wing, Madang Resort

NDA Dive Shop, Madang Resort

NDA Dive Shop, Madang Resort

Grand Children Diving, Bagabag Island

Grand Children Diving, Bagabag Island

Venetian Foundain, Madang Resort

Venetian Foundain, Madang Resort

Dallman Diver

Dallman Diver



Reef Explorer New Livery

Reef Explorer New Livery

Madang Resort from Drone

Madang Resort from Drone

Dallman Diver, Madang

Dallman Diver, Madang

Kalibobo Spirit Crew at Kanganaman Village

Kalibobo Spirit Crew at Kanganaman Village

Crocodile Sing Sing at Kopar Village

Crocodile Sing Sing at Kopar Village

Taka Yumaguchi, NDA Dive Instructor

Taka Yumaguchi, NDA Dive Instructor

Madang Resort Gardens and Pool

Madang Resort Gardens and Pool


January 28, 2017


A belated happy new year from all of us at MTS, Madang Resort, Kalibobo Village and Niugini Dive Adventures, we look forward to 2017 with optimism despite some factors that remain unclear, not least is what will happen in America and the world with newly elected Donald Trump, the PNG National Elections to take place later this year and in our own tourist industry in PNG.

 The local Member of Parliament has announced a development of 2 high rise hotels in Madang, it is rumoured that another MP is planning another hotel and over the past year several other smaller hotels have been built with the end result being that there will be a surplus of rooms until such times we upgrade Madang to an international airport.  This week in the local media I have described these hotels will be monuments of stupidity as the oversupply of rooms will dilute the expected arrivals and the end result will mean hotels will go bankrupt.

 We are not against development but in PNG today, too much power (and money) is given directly and indirectly to MP’s who are not interested in listening to common sense or their prime objectives as representing the people so they can enrich themselves and followers.

 I hope that common sense will prevail and that the tourist industry in PNG will expand based on effective planning and not guess work which has reigned supreme over the past decade.  We will also fight that any tax incentives by the Government given to Asian or other investors be applied to existing investors in PNG.

 Enough of politics except to say that we at MTS look forward to competition and remain steadfast in undertaking continual upgrading and improvements to meet any challenges by MP’S using Asian money and using PNGean’s largely as fronts.


We are developing a plan to convert the existing Olympic pool, the largest in any hotel in PNG into a “Resort Pool” which will retain the ability for serous swimmers but will incorporate a large sandy lagoon, an island, bar/snack bar, water displays and children water slides.   I can visualise what and this month we are in touch with landscape architects to put on paper what this project will look like when complete.  Presuming we go ahead, we will build another lap pool at Kalibobo Village to our serious guests so they can continue to enjoy their laps whilst construction is underway at Madang Resort.

We have always believed that any guest wants more than a bed and a good meal this is the reason why the Madang Resort offers more facilities than any other hotel and resort in PNG which include the Kalibobo Spirit, a luxury 30m expedition yacht, a marina, PADI dive shop, tennis court, 4 pools, 2 lagoons, aviaries, fish ponds, large aquariums in the Haus Win Restaurant, 40-55” flat screen TV in all rooms that have balconies, providing full kitchenettes in some rooms, providing personal transport to rooms by electric cars, membership of the Gold Club, kayaks, sailing boats, harbour cruises and village tours quite apart from gift shops and kiosks, 2 restaurants, function rooms and the Sana conference room and over 200 rooms, apartments, villas and cottages..

In 2017 all tariffs have been lowered going against the trends of other hotels in PNG, in addition we provide complimentary buffet breakfasts and airport transfers.

In the past 2 weeks, guests have written 20 positive reviews and providing both hotels 5 stars with the headings that include:

”Best Location for business and personal retreats”

“Best Resort, Dining & Scuba Diving in Madang”

“Undoubtedly the best Resort in Papua New Guinea”

:“Highly recommended”

“Awesome views and fantastic water”

“Great place, right on the water”

“Lovely Views”

“Picturesque spot with amazing dive locations”

“Magic Madang”

“A must destination for every real traveller”

“Kalibobo Village a touch of Paradise”

Ratings of #1 & # 2 on Trip Advisor, Certificate of Excellence and both hotels have more 5 stars ratings by our guests than any other hotel in PNG

 We are not resting on our laurels, we can do better and at present undertaking serious training of our PNG staff to excel in the ability to provide real Papua New Guinean Hospitality.  In PNG we do not say “have a nice day”,  but make sure our guests do have a nice day!


NDA is actively engaged in attracting more divers to Madang.  Taka Yamuguchi has settled in very well, he and his staff located more dive sites in the Madang Lagoon and the offshore islands of Bagabag Kar Kar, Manam and Boisa.  A new brochure has been released and electronic copies can be downloaded from this website.  We have established dates for weekend one night live aboard dive trips to Bagabag as well as 3 night overnight cruises to Boisa, Manam, Kar Kar & Bagabag, the first of these cruises will be over Easter.

The University of California will be undertaking research in the Madang Lagoon  utilising the Kalibobo Spirit and staff from NDA this project will begin on Feb 19 until Mar 03.


The World's National Women's Surfing Championship will be held at Tupira Surf Lodge between Mar 11-19.  It is located at Ulingan Harbour apporox 180km along the North Coast Road and is expected to attract hundreds of national and international visitors to see more than 36 women participate in this world event.

MTS will be operating qa 3 day trip aboard the Kalibobo Spirit and will organise transport by road on day visits from the Madang Resort.  Contact MTS for further details.


The next ship to visit Madang will be the Pacific Aria on 15 February, followed by the Europa on 04 March.  The list of departures are shown in the Melanesian Newsletter #5.


The issue is now available and can be downloaded on this website.  It largely carries the expedition up the Sepik River over the New Year period.  It also contained other information related to visiting cruise ships that will visit Madang and PNG in 2017.


The schedule and costs have been released for 2017 & 2018.  The cruises include 6 cruises along the full length of the Sepik River, several weekend trips for divers to offshore islands plus a 9 day voyage from Madang to Alotau via the Islands in the Trobriands.



Both Tropical Heritage Cairns and Cairns Sheridan Hotel operated very well throughout 2016, at present it is the off season but still our occupancies have remained high and in the low season we are undertaking some maintenance including new carpet at the Heritage, landscaping at both hotels in readiness for what we expect will be a busy year.


We have great pride in announcing the appointment of David Thomas our new General Manager who will take up his position in Madang as soon as his work visas are approved.  David has a wide experience in hotel/resort management and we look forward to him taking us into the future.


Sir Peter Barter, GCL, OBE, Kt Dr. (Hon)

Chairman/Managing Director




MTS PNG Welcomes Visitors Aboard the Pacific Aria

Download the Visitors Information Booklet [PDF, 1.5MB]

Expeditions - Kalibobo Spirit


The luxurious "Kalibobo Spirit" motor yacht is available for charter in the coastal waters and rivers of Papua New Guinea.

This vessel provides the ultimate way of visiting some of the most remote regions of the the Sepik River and Papua New Guinea all in the comfort of this luxurious vessel.


T: +675 4241 400 T: +675 4222766,   F: +675 4223543,   E: 



Madang Resort


Madang Resort Aerial View

The Madang Resort (formerly Hotel Madang) remains PNG's most popular tourist resort and conference centre offering 180 guest suites with facilities that include PADI dive shop, Gift Shop, Art Gallery, Hair Salon, Business Centre, Tour Office, 3 restaurants, 4 pools, Gymnasium, 2 lagoons, a marina, PADI Dive Facility, Game Fishing and much more.

The Resort offers free use of Kayaks. sailing boats, bikes, tennis and Golf equipment and is now offering complimentary breakfasts in the Janek Aben Restaurant - enquire now for conditions.

The new Kalibobo Haus Kibung and new Haus Win Restaurant was officially opened on 10th June 2013, both are fully operational and have proved to be very popular.

Located along the shore of the Madang Harbour & Yamilon Lagoon in 15 acres of landscaped gardens.

T: +675 422 2655 T: +675 4241 400 F: +675 422 3325  E:

Kalibobo Village Resort - Madang


Kalibobo Village Suit

Kalibobo Village was completed in 2007 and provides 60 deluxe rooms and villas, plus 10 cottages set along the Dallman Passage and entrance to the beautiful Madang Harbour overlooking Krankget Island.  Facilities include a swimming pool, lagoon, tennis court as well as facilities provided at the adjacent Madang Resort.

NEW! Apartments for Short & Long Term Rental
Read more... [PDF 952KB]

T: +675 422 2655 T: +675 4241 400 F: +675 422 3325  



Niugini Dive Adventures


Scuba diving at Madang Marine Park

Niugini Diving Adventures, (NDA) is based at the Madang Resort and Kalibobo Village but in addition provides dive instruction and excursions aboard the Kalibobo Spirit.  It is a PADI dive facility.  In addition to scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing trips are available. 

Diver & Non-Diver Packages, Bookings & information


Dive, Snorkel, Cruise & Tour

For bookings, email

Niugini Dive Adventures operates the Aqua Venture and Sau Dazas. Game fishing boats that can provide light and big game fishing in waters of the Bismarck Sea.

T: +675 422 2766 F: +675 422 3543  E:

Highland Tours


Sing Sing, Wahgi Valley

MTS provide a complete touring service throughout the Highlands and Papua New Guinea.   Bookings can be made to visit Western, Southern and Eastern Highlands, Simbu & Enga plus the islands provinces of East and West New Britain, New Ireland, Bougainville and Milne Bay.

More information...






The Heritage Cairns has just been announced by Trip Advisor as the Travellers Choice for 2012.   This prestigous award is attributable to the committment by MTS to provide a true PNG hospitality,.   The Tropical Heritage Hotel has one certificates of excellence from Trip Advisor for 2012, 2013 & 2014 and is rated as #7 in 68 hotels in Cairns.   It does not profess to be a 5 star hotel, it is rated as 3.5 stars and is considered to be the best, most affordable hotel in the CBD of Cairns City.

Rosemary has retired and touring Australia in a Caravan, James Munro has taken over as Manager assisted by Cynthia Bubner and the fantasic staff.  They all look forward to welcoming you in 2015

In addition to the 2012 Travellers Choice Award, Trip Advisor have presented the Certificate of Excellence to Cairns Heritage for 2012, 2013, 2014 and just announced Winner of the Excellence Award for 2015 by Trip Advisor - Congratulations!.

T: 07 4051 1211  F: 07 4051 1380

8 Minnie Street, Cairns, Queensland, 4870

Full costs available on Web, plus special offers

Lukim yu Bihain!

Cairns Sheridan

Cairns Sheridan Hotel & Conference Centre is also known as Cairns Airport Hotel is situated only 2-3km from Cairns Central shopping centre and Cairns Airport. From the hotel it’s a short walk to the Botanical Gardens, Whitfield Range bush tracks and the Cairns Esplanade. The Palms Restaurant provides excellent cruisine and a friendly environment.

More information



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