Aerial Picture of Madang Resort

Aerial Picture of Madang Resort

Kalibobo Village, Lagoon Rooms

Kalibobo Village, Lagoon Rooms

White Haus Twin Room

White Haus Twin Room

L to R Dr. Deborah Lehman. Sir Peter, Professor Mark Salon & Professor MIchael Alpers

L to R Dr. Deborah Lehman. Sir Peter, Professor Mark Salon & Professor MIchael Alpers

Miss Leoshina as Miss Madang Resort in the Miss PNG Pageant at the new Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby

Miss Leoshina as Miss Madang Resort in the Miss PNG Pageant at the new Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby

Chef Abraham Molukwewa

Chef Abraham Molukwewa

ADF with Madang Resort & MTS Staffs

ADF with Madang Resort & MTS Staffs

MTS and Niugini Dive Adventures was represented at DEMA by Takahiro Yamaguchi

MTS and Niugini Dive Adventures was represented at DEMA by Takahiro Yamaguchi



100 ADF Pilots were given high altitude training  Madang

100 ADF Pilots were given high altitude training Madang

The above new species was identified by a team of Marine Scientists who visited Madang in 2015

The above new species was identified by a team of Marine Scientists who visited Madang in 2015

1,2 FREE

1,2 FREE

Sunday, 25th November 2018

Greetings From Beautiful Madang..

I am sorry for delay in updating this blog, as I get older, this together with getting older makes it more difficult to do the things I used to do, having said that after more than 50 years in PNG, I remain as enthusiastic as ever in encouraging the development of tourism in a country that can only be described as the most interesting destination in Papua New Guinea.

In my travel I hear about law and order issues, some people have expressed their fear in visiting PNG, yet when they visit PNG they cannot understand why visitors should fear to visit PNG.   There are some places where visitors should avoid as there is a risk, these places are not really placed on a tourist itinerary.  In the 50 plus years, we have operated as an inbound tour operator and hotelier, we have never had an incident involving a tourist being robbed or attacked.  I personally have absolutely no fear in walking day and night on most areas of PNG, in particular, the villages where most tourists want to visit where they will find the people amongst the friendliest in the world and make you feel welcome.

Over the past 6 months a number of events have occurred:


In Madang, the Madang Resort hosted the APEC Senior Financial meeting successfully.  The delegates upon leaving stated that the main APEC meeting should have been held in Madang as it a naturally beautiful and safe place which was conducive to such an important meeting.  They praised the staff for their friendly service and excellent facilities offered by the Madang Resort and Kalibobo Village.


Both events took place in September, the IMR Colloquium was held in Goroka at the University of Goroka.  As patron of the Colloquium I attended and was reacquainted with many notable scientists including Michael Alpers a long time friend who was largely responsible for the success of IMR.

The PNG Medical Symposium was held at the Madang Resort immediately after the IMR Colloquium and attended by more than 400 delegates who spoke of the need to improve rural health.

The Melanesian Foundation was largely responsible for raising funds for both events at a time when the economy was under pressure.   IMR have again appointed me as Patron for the 2019 Colloquium, hopefully in Madang.


Madang Resort was chosen to host the Governor’s Conference where all 22 Governors along with National Ministers held the week conference in the Sana Room, enjoyed the opening at Sugen Aben Park, the Farewell Dinner in the Haus Win and enjoyed a half day cruise aboard the Kalibobo Spirit.


The Rotary Club of Madang and Madang resort hosted the Miss Madang Pageant.  There were 12 contestants sponsor by various organizations and the winner was Miss Leoshina Kariha sponsored by Diwai Pharmaceuticals who became Miss Madang for 2018 & 2019.

The Madang Resort then sponsored Leoshina as Miss Madang Resort in the Miss PNG Pageant at the new Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby and again she won the title of Miss Papua New Guinea.  at the time of writing, she is in Tonga where the South Pacific Pageant us underway and we all wish Leoshina success in this major event in the South Pacific.


Through October and November, the ADF had a training exercise in PNG where more than 100 ADF Pilots were given high altitude training based at the Madang Resort and Kalibobo Village.  According to the Commander and Senior officers, the Resort lived up to its reputation satisfying the demands of such high level of service which prompted awards being provided to our Chef Abraham Molukwewa for the excellent meals.   It is expected this exercise will be repeated in 2019.

DEMA 2019

MTS and Niugini Dive Adventures was represented at DEMA by Takahiro Yamaguchi, Senior Dive Instructor and Terri Everest, our Manager in North America.  Some important contacts were made which hopefully will lead to more divers visiting Madang and PNG from the USA in the future.


The main APEC meeting, which attracted 21 heads of state, was held in Port Moresby in mid- November, More than 1600 delegates attended, many of whom were accommodated on 3 P&O Cruise ships Moresby in Fairfax Harbour, plus new hotels recently constructed including the Hilton.   Whilst the meeting was successful, many critics have stated that the PNG Government spent too much money on the event that could have been better spent in improving health, education, infrastructure throughout PNG.

I remain optimistic that PNG will now be recognized as a major member of APEC representing not only PNG but other smaller island nations in the Pacific and that the developed nations of USA, Canada, China, Japan. NZ and Australia will assist the development of PNG and the other developing countries in the Pacific.


The Kalibobo Spirit has just returned from Cairns after 4 weeks refit and survey.  The new schedule has been released for 2019 and plans are underway for the possible reintroduction of a new five-star expedition vessel to operate along the Sepik River if we are able to obtain the full support of the PNG and Provincial Governments.   Such a facility has the ability to double tourism to PNG within 2 years as the Sepik River remains one of the most interesting destinations in the Pacific.

We will continue to keep you advised of this possible development which we hope will happen by 2020.


The above new species was identified by a team of Marine Scientists who visited Madang in 2015 led by Professor Phillippe Bouchet.  It was found at Sek Harbour and was named Joculator Berteri in dedication to Sir Peter Barter who had supported the research whilst Governor of Madang.


The author of the “Flagged History of Madang” will be visiting Madang from Nov 28 – Dec 08 during which time she will officially launch her book, published by the Melanesian Foundation.   1000 copies of this book will be distributed to school libraries and sold by the Madang Resort and the Madang Visitors and Cultural Bureau for K20.   The book contains a brief history of Madang from 1871 when Maclay first visited Madang, through the British, Australian, Japanese, Australian and finally to Independence in 1975.


This book was researched and written by Wenceslaus Magun who was a former employee of MTS but spent the past 20 years undertaking research of the endangered leatherback turtle.  The book was officially launched by Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, the founding Prime Minister of PNG.

The book is being distributed to schools to make students aware of the importance of protecting all sea life and the environment.  The book was published by the Melanesian Foundation.

Sir Peter Barter

MTS PNG Welcomes Visitors Aboard the Pacific Aria

Download the Visitors Information Booklet [PDF, 1.5MB]

Expeditions - Kalibobo Spirit


The luxurious "Kalibobo Spirit" motor yacht is available for charter in the coastal waters and rivers of Papua New Guinea.

This vessel provides the ultimate way of visiting some of the most remote regions of the Sepik River and Papua New Guinea all in the comfort of this luxurious vessel.

Download the pdf of Kalibobo Spirit Rates 2019 -Get_Adobe_Acrobat_Reader_web_button_159x39.png

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Madang Resort


Madang Resort Aerial View

The Madang Resort (formerly Hotel Madang) remains PNG's most popular tourist resort and conference centre offering 180 guest suites with facilities that include PADI dive shop, Gift Shop, Art Gallery, Hair Salon, Business Centre, Tour Office, 3 restaurants, 4 pools, Gymnasium, 2 lagoons, a marina, PADI Dive Facility, Game Fishing and much more.

The Resort offers free use of Kayaks. sailing boats, bikes, tennis and Golf equipment and is now offering complimentary breakfasts in the Janek Aben Restaurant - enquire now for conditions.

The new Kalibobo Haus Kibung and new Haus Win Restaurant was officially opened on 10th June 2013, both are fully operational and have proved to be very popular.

Located along the shore of the Madang Harbour & Yamilon Lagoon in 15 acres of landscaped gardens.

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Kalibobo Village Resort - Madang


Kalibobo Village Suit

Kalibobo Village was completed in 2007 and provides 60 deluxe rooms and villas, plus 10 cottages set along the Dallman Passage and entrance to the beautiful Madang Harbour overlooking Krankget Island.  Facilities include a swimming pool, lagoon, tennis court as well as facilities provided at the adjacent Madang Resort.

NEW! Apartments for Short & Long Term Rental
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Niugini Dive Adventures


Scuba diving at Madang Marine Park

Niugini Diving Adventures, (NDA) is based at the Madang Resort and Kalibobo Village but in addition provides dive instruction and excursions aboard the Kalibobo Spirit.  It is a PADI dive facility.  In addition to scuba diving, snorkelling and fishing trips are available. 

Diver & Non-Diver Packages, Bookings & information


Dive, Snorkel, Cruise & Tour

For bookings, email

Niugini Dive Adventures operates the Aqua Venture and Sau Dazas. Game fishing boats that can provide light and big game fishing in waters of the Bismarck Sea.

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Highland Tours


Sing Sing, Wahgi Valley

MTS provide a complete touring service throughout the Highlands and Papua New Guinea.   Bookings can be made to visit Western, Southern and Eastern Highlands, Simbu & Enga plus the islands provinces of East and West New Britain, New Ireland, Bougainville and Milne Bay.

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The Heritage Cairns has just been announced by Trip Advisor as the Travellers Choice for 2012.   This prestigous award is attributable to the committment by MTS to provide a true PNG hospitality,.   The Tropical Heritage Hotel has one certificates of excellence from Trip Advisor for 2012, 2013 & 2014 and is rated as #7 in 68 hotels in Cairns.   It does not profess to be a 5 star hotel, it is rated as 3.5 stars and is considered to be the best, most affordable hotel in the CBD of Cairns City.

Rosemary has retired and touring Australia in a Caravan, James Munro has taken over as Manager assisted by Cynthia Bubner and the fantasic staff.  They all look forward to welcoming you in 2015

In addition to the 2012 Travellers Choice Award, Trip Advisor have presented the Certificate of Excellence to Cairns Heritage for 2012, 2013, 2014 and just announced Winner of the Excellence Award for 2015 by Trip Advisor - Congratulations!.

T: 07 4051 1211  F: 07 4051 1380

8 Minnie Street, Cairns, Queensland, 4870

Full costs available on Web, plus special offers

Lukim yu Bihain!

Cairns Sheridan

Cairns Sheridan Hotel & Conference Centre is also known as Cairns Airport Hotel is situated only 2-3km from Cairns Central shopping centre and Cairns Airport. From the hotel it’s a short walk to the Botanical Gardens, Whitfield Range bush tracks and the Cairns Esplanade. The Palms Restaurant provides excellent cruisine and a friendly environment.

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