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MTS were the pioneers of expeditionary cruises in the waters of Papua New Guinea.   For more than 40 years the company has operated a number of expeditionary vessels including the Sepik Explorer 1 & 2, Melanesian Explorer, Melanesian Discoverer and the Kalibobo Spirit.

MTS are the most experienced expeditionary operator to the Trobriand Islands and along the full length of the Sepik River.  Experienced pilots and guides are available upon request.


Item Description     Cost Description
Agency Fee Cruise Ship   LOA (metres x $USs15.00 per metre)
Communication Charges per Port/Stop-over     US$150.00
Regulatory Finction Levy     LOA (metres) x 44.00 x 0.35
Berthage (Overseas vessels)    

K4.23/metre LOA/hour

Port & Navigational Aid Dues     L.O.A. (metres) x 4.60 x 0.35
Pilotage - Inward (After Hours + 50%)     HRS x GRT x 0.15288 x 0.35
Pilotage - Outward (After Hours + 50%)     HRS x GRT x 0.15288 x 0.35
Pilotage - AMM Charge     1 x 103.14 x 0.35
Pilot Boat (Hourly Rate, 2 hours min)     2 x 273.01 x 0.35
Pilot Boat (Waiting Time, 1 hour minimum)     HRS x 229.43 x 0.35
Harbours Board Staff Hire - overtime duties   as invoiced  
Oil (in bulk) per 1,000 litres   K13.31
Berth Reservation     K1,313.88
Port Dues     L.O.A. (metres) x 5.29 x 0.35
Anchorage Fee for island destinations


Mooring & Towing Service :      
Lines Boat     1107.36 x12 x 0.35
Wharf Party     445.52 x 2 x 0.35
Tug Assisted Berthing/Unberthing     L.O.A. (metres) x 21.47x HRS x 2 x 0.35
Use of Tugs Line     171.01 x 1 x 0.35
Entry Visa Fee
Per Person  
Departure Tax
Per Person  
Quarantine Clearance   200 .00 x 0.35
  Travelling Allowance Travelling Allowance    
Garbage Disposal Supervision of Disposal Garbage Treatment    Per cubinc metre  HRS x 200.00 x 0.35 500.00 x M3 
  Quarantine Officer's Overtime
  Transport to dump per load 225.00 x 0.35
Health Quarantine Overtime Weekends



Customs :      
  Overtime Weekends
  Travelling Allowance      
Immigration Overtime Weekends
  Travelling Allowance Travelling Allowance
Domestic International
Crew hotel; meals; transport will quote    
Water Town Supply quality
Subject to change
Masters Port Allowance As instructed    
Crew hotel; meals, transport Will Quote    


MTS is a member of Superyachts Cairns and provide specialised services to private motoryachts cruising Papua New Guinea in all ports and outlying islands.  For information related to private visits of motoryachts, contact Wesley Hatan info@mtspng.com.

MTS also have a private marina at the Madang Resort which can accommodate motoryachts up to 150' x 9' draft.  Full marina services available including fuel, water, TV, telephone and wireless internet.

The Marina wharf is 45m long with a draft of 8m.  water, fuel, Satellite TV and Security Services are available.

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