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Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea is a diverse land of jungle with mountains rising above 3miles high capped with snow with rivers boiling down the ridges to the where they meet the ocean. The islands are just as magnificent with their clear crystal waters and long stretches of sand. From the nation's exotic species of the Bird of Paradise to its abundance of extraordinary orchid flowers, there is an abundance of treasures to be found in this humble Melanesian nation. A place of over 10, 000 tribes and over 800 distinct languages. Papua New Guinea consists of four regions which you will learn about more about below.

Highlands Region


The Highlands Region consists of five provinces and makes up the biggest population in Papua New Guinea.  The locals in this region have a brown complexion and tight-nit curly hair. They have a stocky build and are very determind and hardworking. This region covers most of the land mass of Papua New Guinea and it is where you will find tropical rainforests, scenis banks, wild rapids and remote villages whose locals still live like their ancestors and have not been influenced by the outside world.


Eastern Highlands Province


Eastern Highlands is made up of a broad sweep of valleys which consist of patchworkd formed by the numerous agricultural activities carried out by the locals such as farming of coffee, citrus and potatoes along with other vegetables, even honey and trout. These are all farmed for commercial purposes and personal consumption. The local women are known for the production of some of the most beautiful bilums(knotted string and local fibre bags). In the recent years bilum making has extended to clothing as well and is ever growing and sought out from allover the Pacific.




The historic Madang Resort is the oldest hotel/resort in PNG originally a guest house in the German colonial days.  Since being taken over by MTS 30 years ago the complex has been entirely rebuilt.

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